industrial wiping rags


We provide the METAL DETECTION option to scan your rags so that you can be sure that there are no fragments of metal, needles, pins or staples inside the packaging.

Antriteksa UAB company offer wide range of industrial wiping rags. All wiping rags are produced from selected cotton clothes suitable for cleaning purpose. After section we remove buttons and zippers from clothes and cut to wipers which sizes are from 30cmx30cm to 50cmx50cm. Our month production capacity is 350 tons. Our wipers has better absorption then paper, absorbs different liquids and oil products. Our steady customers are retail companies and direct users such as machinery production companies, ship supply, printing and painting companies, building and other companies who need cheap wipers for cleaning.

We pack wiping rags in pressed compact bundles from 8 up to 11Kg weight each. Bundle size is 40x40x20cm and perfectly fits in EURO (120x80cm) or UK (120x120cm) size pallets. According to the customer need we also pack in fully wrapped big bales. Photos presented here showing our packing possibilities.

Here we present full list of our products:

SK03 – Colored sweat shirt tricot wiping rags
SK03B – Uncut tricot wipers
SK03M – Colored tricot wiping rags
SK03A – Colored t-shirt tricot wiping rags
SK03AS – Light Colors t-shirt tricot wiping rags
SK04 – White cotton tricot wiping rags
SK04B – White tricot wiping rags II sort
SK05 – Colored woven thin cotton wiping rags
SK05F – Colored cotton flannel wiping rags

SK05PF – Colored cotton flannel bed sheet wiping rags
SK05P – Colored cotton bed sheet wiping rags
BP – White bed sheets wiping rags
SK06 – White woven thin cotton wiping rags
SK07 – Colored bathrobes wiping rags
SK07P – Colored frotte sheet wiping rags
SK07R – Colored towels wiping rags
SK07B – White terry wiping rags
BL – Colored thick cotton wipers

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